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I have obtained my undergraduate degree in Education from Harris State University.  After achieving my undergraduate degree, I earned a Masters Degree in Education from Fontbonne University with an emphasis in the area of Reading. Each Spring and Summer I enroll in various academic courses to continue my professional growth.


I have been teaching First Grade at Fairview Primary since the 2002-2003 school year.  Each year I look forward to meeting new students along with their parents and/or guardians.  I enjoy working together with families to achieve both academic and social growth of each student in the classroom throughout the school year.


My name is Heather O'Brien and I have been teaching at Fairview since the 2003 - 2004 school year. I have been married since October 25, 2008 and have two children.  Michael was born on January 25, 2012 and Colin was born on September 29, 2015.  Michael began pre- school this year which was a new and  exciting experience.  Colin currently plays all day at home learning things here and there.  My children love to listen to books and I am currently enjoying Michael learn how to read more and more everyday. The family has one pet.  Kat. Yes, she is a cat.  She is approximately 3 years old.  She joined our family one labor day unexpectedly.

I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan but I have to admit my favorite player is Andrew McCutchin from the Pitsburg Pirates and I have a special family connection to the Chicago CUBS!  Yes, the CUBS!

When I am not teaching or working on school projects at home, the family enjoys taking walks, playing games, along with reading and talking about books.  During the summer the children and I take a yearly trip to Sanibel Island in Florida with my mother playing all day on the beach as well as fishing. My husband stays home for some quiet time.  He lived in Florida for many years and does not care to join us on our yearly adventure.  We enjoy taking short trip to Kansas City, Georgia, and various places throughout the year.