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Subjects Taught
Communication Arts, Envision Math, FAST, Science, Social Studies


B.S. Early Childhood Education from Lindenwood University

M.A. Education from Lindenwood University






  • 14 years in the Jennings School District
  • Pom-Pom coach
  • Girl Scout Troop Organizer, Adult volunteers are needed!



Welcome to 1st Grade!

Hello I am Mrs. Brandi Belger and I am so excited to be teaching 1st grade! We have the expectation that all students like coming to school. I need everyone's help in making sure we are respecting each other,being kind,and friendly, being cooperative, and showing trust, patience, and responsibility.  I do my best to teach this in my class and make sure that students are using these very important values.  I need you, the parents, to help instill these important values in your child.

In first grade we will be having lots of fun learning and growing.  We will focus on becoming better readers and writers. The students will be building their knowledge of math concepts such as ; money, time, basic addition and subtraction strategies, measuring and graphing.  We will be busy, busy, busy!  Please feel free to stop in anytime and join us for fun learning. 

I consider it an hon
or to be able to be your child's teacher for this season.

Out of 12 months your child is with me 10.
Out of 7 days your child is with me 5.
Out of the 12 waking hours your child is with me 7 hours.
Let's work together to make this a successful year in first grade.

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